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The images on this site are dithered to reduce page size and bandwidth usage. Images take up most of the bandwidth when loading a page, and by dithering them, a page's size can be reduced tenfold while keeping fun visuals and adding a unique aesthetic.

I decided to use dithered images for this site to ensure a quick page loads, add a fun visual identity, and reduce resource and bandwidth usage in the event that I move to locally hosting this site.

The images on this site are currently dithered using Bayer Ordered Dithering, in black and white, with images shrunk to 512px or 256px wide depending on the amount of detail necessary.


For more information on intent statements, read my post on the matter.

This website's intent is to be a "final destination" for crystallized and refined knowledge and opinions, as well as a starting point from which users can explore my other sites. It's intended to be a significant body of evergreen work that's easily shareable.

This site's place in my information workflow:

Opinions and Concepts

Opinions and concepts will usually start out in my public garden (note: this is currently not used and needs an overhaul). If inspiration hits to write about a particular subject in a longer, more crystallized form, I'll synthesize information brewed notes into a draft in my private notes system (currently an Obsidian vault), and then publish here.

Project Posts

Projects will generally start out in my private notes system, as that's where I store my working documents. Once the project is complete, I'll then synthesize the information privately into a draft (also in my private notes) before later publishing here.


There were so many sites and people that inspired me to start sharing my own writing on the internet, as well as influencing the way this website is built and designed.

Writing Inspirations:

Design Inspirations: